YEAH! :D I was there with Thomas and his friend Melanie for like eleven hours yesterday, and I got to meet a few of his other friends too! :3 I got to see Christene and Justin for the first time in like a year too, which was really nice. ewe 

Im sitting in the hotel room now, were gonna go down to breakfast in a few minutes and then were going back to the con! ^.^ The con is until five today, and then weve gotta drive home, and then I have to try and get my history assignment done for tomorrow too. ;u;

Im back in the room now, breakfast was pretty good! :3 Grahm might end up coming down here today for the con too, which would be really great! :D 

Anyway, were about to leave to go to Home Depot before we go to the con, so Ive gotta get off for now. :o I might be on again later, and if not Ill try to tell you guys about what happened this weekend tomorrow! :3

Bye guys! X3