Control method

(1) Distributed computer control: this form of control in the early mixing station design is widely used. Core control system for programmable controllers, the level of computer use only as a management report printing, functions and role of the computer is not very obvious. With the wide application of commercial concrete, concrete mixing plants and more complex functional requirements, stainless steel bending machine price this form of control of application is very difficult. (2) centralized computer control: this form of control computer control and management are centralized on a computer, the task is relatively heavy, and the production process of the reports statistical data is not synchronized and can not at any time statistics, metrology by human factors interfere too much. For example: the preparation of the measurement control program, precision signal amplifier and A / D board, will affect the measurement accuracy. (3) The centralized computer-controlled double: this form that a solution to the human factors aspects of the measure. Ingredients using a dedicated control instruments, and the production control and management functions divided into two computers, interfering, production control and reporting statistics simultaneously, but also as a production management computer backup machine, provides a higher level computer network interface.


Ingredients accuracy Singular precision batching system 0.1% 0.5% accuracy. High degree of automation Print duty records and ingredients reporting, alarm function, auto-zero, auto-accumulate. Run Automation The central control unit running the program automatic starting, automatic debugging, automatic screen character display system status. Simple operation The system provides ks63cnc pipe bending rolling machinefully automatic, single automatic two modes of operation. Under automatic mode, without human intervention, the computer automatically complete all the blending process, and real-time printing. Safety factor Reliable, compact, high safety factor. Easy to maintain Mixing station control system uses a modular structure inside between the parts, contact connection, maintenance, maintenance is very convenient.

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